Hiding Behind Time

Once again, after a long wait, there is movement in the Daniel Holtzclaw case. Technically, at any rate. The state has filed yet another motion. I’ll bet you can guess what for, too. That’s right, today they filed a MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO FILE RESPONSE TO APPELLANT’S MOTION TO UNSEAL PROCEEDINGS. I swear, I cannot make this stuff up. The state is trying to create the Gordian knot of twists and turns in this case that cannot be unraveled. So far the court has allowed it.

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Remember back in June of 2017 when the secret hearings took place? This is a prime example of the court sanctioned shenanigans that have gone on in this case. According to the ORDER DIRECTING RESPONSE filed on August 24, 2017, this hearing was referred to as an in camera hearing pursuant to the state’s request. In case this hasn’t been clarified before, and in camera hearing is a hearing in chambers, or outside of the presence of the public, press, or jury. However, what actually happened on June 26 – 27, 2017 was an ex parte hearing.

An ex parte hearing is one that only one side is present for. Seems Oklahoma has a penchant for misrepresenting facts. Neither Daniel Holtzclaw, nor his attorney was present for this “in camera”/ ex parte hearing. In fact, they didn’t even know it had taken place. This may seem like splitting hairs over verbiage, but I assure you it is not. It shows, BLATANTLY, that the state is not only allowed to misrepresent facts, but the court is complicit. It proves that both the state and the court in Oklahoma believe that no one is bright enough to know the difference.

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That’s right, Oklahoma citizens. They are treating you all like you are too dumb to grasp the finer nuances of stark definitions. Almost as if they don’t care if they are caught in an out-and-out lie. To add insult to injury, in this very same ORDER DIRECTING RESPONSE, they claim Daniel Holtzclaw’s request to unseal the records from this “in camera”/ex parte hearing was premature. So almost a full 2 months after the hearing, they still couldn’t decide what to do. No rush, after all. It’s not like Daniel Holtzclaw was going anywhere.

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Finally, after almost a full six months,on December 20, 2017 the state was ordered to respond to Daniel Holtzclaw’s request. They had 20 days to do it. One would think that in the previous 6 months, someone with the state would have begun preparing for this order. Alas, it was not to be. Today, at roughly 6 ½ months in, the state requested more time. More time for WHAT? What, exactly, have they been doing for the past 6 months? Just like I said on December 20, they’ll probably get that extension, too. Why not? It’s no skin off theirs and frankly, the longer they can drag this out, the happier the state will be.

So yes, there is some movement in the case. It’s moving like a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. But there’s a new kid on the block now. I’m not privy to her plan of action, but by reputation alone, I’d be willing to bet the state will be having a completely different movement once she cuts loose. I hope they save lots and lots of copies of that motion for extension of time, though. Something tells me there will be a serious toilet paper shortage in Oklahoma once that movement starts, and they’ll just have to make do.


One thought on “Hiding Behind Time

  1. It seems the State of Oklahoma are children, and need to be reminded to actually follow the laws! Your entension should have been denied. Your Prosecutoring attorney on the Holtzclaw case should have received jail time for falsifying evidence into a court, prosecutorial misconduct. The two lead Detectives should’ve received jail time for putting their personal feelings into the case rather then do the great detective work they were actually assigned to do. The DNA analyst should go to jail for committing perjury! She submitted test results excluding Holtzclaw out of the DNA results. She barely ran the test as Six DNA Experts wrote a remarkable brief about her incompetencies! The lead detective and the DNA analyst are related! Say what? And you just happened to forget about how close family you were, and the defense, was not told!Your Judge Timothy Henderson need’s to step down and face some time in jail as well, first for allowing his court room to become a joke, helping the prosecuting attorney as well in the case! As he thought it would be great for the Holtzclaw attorney’s to be left out. You have also committed a crime as well as judge and it falls under misconduct as well. Excuse me but what business do attorney general’s actually have to stick their noses in this particular case? Transmit the request of the records was your job, it wasn’t to use the court’s for your play time! All of you need to rot in jail, remove Holtzclaw and give everyone involved in this case Mr. Holtzclaw’s 263 years each!


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