Oklahoma, The Secrecy State

When dealing with the Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals, you have to be prepared to watch them like a hawk.  In checking  Daniel Holtzclaw’s docket this morning, there was no change. This afternoon was a different story. Lo and behold, new entries! Exciting, right?


It seems that there was mysterious movement of 4 sealed envelopes between the Attorney General and the CCA. What made it even more mysterious is that they went in and backdated one of the two entries. All the way back to February 7, 2018. Now why would they need to do that? I tweeted it over to Michelle Malkin and she immediately got on the phone to get answers. (She needs one of her own Pitbull Awards!)

The official story from the clerk of court is that he forgot. Yeah. He forgot that he sent the Attorney General those 4 sealed envelopes until he received them back today.  Keep in mind, these are the secret envelopes from the secret hearings that the defense could not attend. So the AG had those 4 secret envelopes for 20 secret days that nobody knew about.

This is starting to sound like regular refrain in Oklahoma. They get so secretive about their secrets that the clerk even forgets all the secretive secrets. It’s like Keystone Kops meets Rocky and Bullwinkle. It would be sadly laughable if lives didn’t hang in the balance.

But by all means, let’s keep sacrificing little things like justice in the zealous pursuit of protecting someone’s clearly questionable work record. Meanwhile, we are still waiting on the CCA to rule on all the sealing and secrecy going on. But don’t worry. After all, this is Oklahoma, The Secrecy State.

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