Daniel Holtzclaw Speaks Out

Author's Note: I had originally decided to hold this article for various
reasons. However, I do feel that any coverage that can bring awareness
is a good thing, so I am releasing it a week after it was originally
written. I attempted to update, but pardon any discrepancies I might have

Faithful followers of the Daniel Holtzclaw saga know that there has been no movement in his case for quite some time. The flurry of secret hearings and secret filings have even dried up, and the state seems content to let this sit indefinitely, in the vain hope it just goes away. One would think that the state would accept that Daniel is not going to stop fighting. They handed the man 263 years, and that gives him a lot of time to do nothing but fight his wrongful conviction.

Lately, Daniel has added a new weapon in his arsenal. He’s talking to his sister Jenny, on the phone while she plays it on Facebook Live. It gives him a platform to reach more people, and answer questions in real time. While doubters and people convinced by media reports still scoff at his claims of innocence, those of us that have followed the case see first hand what his message ACTUALLY is.

It’s the same thing he has said time and time again. It never varies, and likely never will. The one thing Daniel Holtzclaw wants people to do is research. He doesn’t ask that you believe him, or that you take what others have researched as solid fact. He asks, simply that you research for yourselves. The resources are out there if you choose to look. If you want to do 100% of the research yourself with no outside sources, but don’t know where to start, you can contact us here. We can put you on the right path of FOIA requests, PACER searches and the like to get you started.

He believes that if you follow the path, you will see the truth yourself, without having to be told. It’s a solid theory, proven by the numbers that have already come to see this as a travesty of justice. Above is the first Facebook live video with his devoted sister, Jenny Holtzclaw. He answers questions from supporters, covering everything from how he is coping, to where his case is at.

His story has gained a lot of momentum thanks to Michelle Malkin and her series about him. The latest episode, “Railroaded” is being screened today at the Manhattan Film Festival in New York. This will expand his voice tenfold. You can see the episode here. It’s a must watch series for any fence sitters out there.

As always, watch the video series, read our coverage here, do your own research. That’s all that Daniel is asking for. You might be surprised at what you discover!

10 thoughts on “Daniel Holtzclaw Speaks Out

  1. Daniel Holtzclaw is innocent. He was convicted by the media before he ever had his day in court. 🙏💙⚖️👮🏻‍♂️


  2. The sickening, racist, RAPIST piece of shit PIG got off lucky. HE SHOULD BE FUCKING TORTURED AND BEATEN TO DEATH!

    And all of you lying, lowlife scum supporting him and spreading his propaganda should be sitting in that prison with him.


  3. Daniel Barber, have you looked at all the evidence. I have read all the articles I was able to get and followed all the video uploads I could get. This case was interesting for me as I am from South Africa and have seen too many times people playing the racial card and then running wild with emotions without knowledge and/ or proper background information. The ranting comment you left is a good example of that. (aslo showing a lot of your character) No one usually know all the facts or the circumstances, but in this case I will be very hesitant to condemn Mr Holtzclaw on face value of the evidence. For me, and I accept I can be mistaken, the evidence seem flaky and feels like cases we see over here in a racially charged society with a lot of corruption going around as well. It seem like a possible case where an essentially good guy stepped on some toes at a very fortunate racially heated time. One scapegoat to focus attention away from the community’s problems and getting rid of the person stepping on toes can be a win-win situation for someone. It sounds like collateral damage was exercised.


  4. we have researched, and in no time at all we could see how obviously yet poorly manufactured the case prosecutors brought against daniel was. disgusting


  5. He did it, if he didn’t do it he would have been shocked when he heard it during the first interrogation but he was called not upset at all that bum did it.


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