Jermane’s Journal | Back To Lucasville—Rehabilitation Denied

Jermane’s Journal gives the reader a unique insight into a prisoner’s life. In Jermane’s case, a wrongfully convicted prisoner’s life.

During the course of the past few years, Jermane has seen—through a continuing effort on his part—his security level go from that of 4-D—Maximum Security, highest grade—to 4-A—Maximum Security, lowest grade.

The following—in Jermane’s own words—can only describe a system seemingly hell bent on delivering punishment, rather than that of rehabilitation. Please continue to follow, and share Jermane’s journey.



August 11th

As I promised to the readers, I am going to be uncensored with the experiences of a prisoner’s existence—one that is wrongfully convicted I might add.

In my last writing I was describing the experience of a prisoner pending transfer, and the presence of a healthy fear due to the unknown of going to a strange place. However, that has changed within the last 48 hours concerning me personally.

Last week I was informed by my case manager that I was being transferred to TOCI, (Toledo in Ohio) instead of the much dreaded SOCF (aka Lucasville). My loved ones and supporters were quite pleased with that information as they are all too familiar with the demonic, sadistic conditions of that particular prison because I have been there on a couple of previous occasions and know from first hand experience what lays in front of me.

The challenges are immense as the staff there orchestrate a vast majority of the violence inside the fences of Lucasville’s prison. But before I get ahead of myself, allow me to explain what has occurred to me.

I was classed by the Bureau of prison classification—a prison committee that determines placement—that my next destination would be TOCI, and that is where I should have been transferred to. however, 2 weeks after this classification, I was given what is known as a 7-day-notification that I was being transferred back to Lucasville—no reason given on why the sudden change from a prison that would be favourable to my age and behaviour, to a prison that is currently in the middle of multiple gang wars going unchecked by staff/administration simply to justify why certain policies are put in place.

This is just a prime example of the type of inhumane treatment wrongfully convicted prisoners face. And yes, the powers that be are very aware of my fight due to a recent development that shows how there is merit to my claims of actual innocence. I will give clarity to that statement in the near future.

I promised to be uncensored in every article, and I will stand by my word. As I am waiting this impending transfer, I do have that healthy fear coursing through my veins. I don’t want to go back to this hostile environment. I simply don’t have any desire to be combative toward anyone, but now it’s all about survival: keeping safe, and making sure I am alive to explain what life is like on the wrong side of (in)justice.

I will be writing a first hand account of life inside Lucasville once I return there. I only ask that the public start asking questions on why such a prison exists, and causes so much angst among all prisoners. I can explain to you how horrible Lucasville prison is, and will happily do so upon arrival.

Today, there were 2 prisoners given notice that they were going back to Lucasville. I was one of them, and another prisoner—whom I know in passing—was treated in the exact same manner as I—he was told he was being transferred to TOCI, instead he is going back to Lucasville. Lucasville is so abhorrent that this other prisoner attacked the female case manager delivering that bit of news just to avoid going back there.

This prisoner would rather accept being charged in a court of law, face more time in prison, and at least 3-5 years in solitary confinement for assault on staff, than return to those deplorable conditions.

That ladies and gentlemen is desperation at its peak. The sad part about that situation is the case manager didn’t deserve to be attacked. Doesn’t that beg the question: what is going on at SOCF?

This is the reality behind these prison fences.

Until next time, Jermane Scott.

Lucasville’s Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in 1993: Mood tense on 20th anniversary of Ohio prison riot.

The following is an email sent to me from Jermane shortly after his latest journal entry on August 11th. Jermane was transferred 2 days following. Although this is not a ‘journal entry,’ I believe it’s very important that the public not only hear Jermane’s previous recollections of Lucasville Prison, but perhaps more pertinently the fear of his impending re-arrival.

I take no pleasure in sharing this—yet it is vitally important to do so. For this entry, I’ve made absolutely no changes—no spacing’s/paragraph-breaks etc. It is in its raw form.


Hey James,
I wanted to add onto my last ‘journal entry’,because I can already predict how this is going to go from my experience with Lucasville’s administration. What I am about type will even be informative for you also,this way we can get people to start making calls and sending emails to insure my safety whilst we deal with this transfer.I am going to include Lucasville’s phone number, so that numerous people call and express their concern for my safety.These are the contact details: (740)259-5544.

I want to scrap the ‘journal entry’ during this email,and just give you some background about what happened during my last stay at Lucasville.

I was attacked unprovoked by the white supremist group, Aryan Brotherhood,for the sake of an initiation ritual. I went to the powers that be in the administration, explained to them what happened in that incident, and due to that incident happening in the library of that prison,it was all got on camera,however,I was placed back in the same cell block this occurred in until I was forced to go to my case manager explain not only what happened in the library ,but also explain that my safety was an issue due to information I gave the inspector of the prison.After giving that information I was sent to the hole,pending investigation about the helpful information I gave them to save one of their employees lives. I spent 6 days in the hole for that.I was released back to general population ,and moved to a more isolated side of the prison.I remained on that isolated side of the prison without incident until somehow the fact I gave information about some gang members/drug dealers(well known by the administration) found out I was moved to the isolated side of the prison ,and tried to orchestrate a hit on me.Numerous phone calls were made to The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Lucasville staff,and the request was made that I be transferred to another level 4 security prison(Toledo,Ohio-TOCI),and the only thing that was done was I had a brief conversation with a case manager explaining the entire situation, but ultimately nothing was done.I was less than a week later sent to ad seg for a bogus conduct report,and subsequently sent to solitary confinement (restricted housing) until my transfer back to OSP.My whole issue is this,what makes these people think that my safety issues have changed in the last 6-7 months I have been out of Lucasville, when the same prisoner’s that wanted to put a hit on me are still in the same prison doing the same shit?! Nothing has changed as far as my safety is concerned. To me,it seems like they want me to get hurt in order to validate my claims before they take me out of that prison once and for all.I have shown over the years that Lucasville is not the prison for me.Every time I am in another prison,I go years without any conduct reports,and I even thrive in a positive manner.I am talking years with no trouble.In Lucasville, there are always challenges just to keep my sanity,let alone my safety.And,they can’t claim there aren’t options now.I have not had a single visitor there,I have no relatives,so being in that region makes zero sense. I am 41 years old,no gang ties,nothing,and to want to put me in such a hostile environment full of multiple gang wars is reckless to say the least. This is what I am hoping for this time around,because last time there was only Sara and myself trying to deal with this prison bureaucratic bullshit,I am hoping with the support we have in place now,we can get multiple people to express their concern regarding my placement in Lucasville,that they do the morally correct thing,and ultimately transfer me to Toledo Correctional Inst.I am appealing this transfer as soon as I finish typing this,so that my appeal and concern for my safety is on record.I am covering all angles. I will be immediately notifying the administration that at the very least I want to be placed on the isolated general population side of the prison immediately due to safety concerns.


If you have any questions or queries regarding this article, or indeed anything CJReform related please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

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