Valentino Dixon – Free At Last!

Twenty-seven years ago, Valentino Dixon was convicted of 2nd degree homicide. Not only did he proclaim his innocence then, someone else proclaimed their guilt. He never stopped proclaiming his innocence in the 27 years since. While the actual shooter was convinced at one time to recant his confession of guilt, he otherwise has also consistently admitted his guilt. It’s a case that was too crazy to be believed, but people wanted to believe in the system. The system got it wrong.

image use courtesy of Valentina Dixon

Today, Valentino Dixon walked out of the courthouse a free man. Better still, he walks out as an exonerated man. After 27 years, the hard work of his attorney Don Thompson, combined with the students of an innovative class at Georgetown University have finally proven to the state that Valentino Dixon is innocent of the charges he was convicted of so many years ago.

Donald Thompson, Marty Tankleff and Marc Howard

Marty Tankleff and Marc Howard motivated and inspired students to look deeply into cases of wrongful convictions. Valentino Dixon was one of those cases. The students, Julie Fragonas, Isobella Goonetillake, and Naoya Johnson helped to provide bombshell proof of at least one Brady violation. They tracked down witnesses, took statements, read trial transcripts and searched through evidence to help prove Valentino’s innocence. It’s fair to say that they were instrumental in today’s ruling. Their documentary short on Valentino Dixon rocked the innocence and criminal justice communities alike. In the span of one class, these three went from being inspired to being inspiring themselves.

The results showed in the courtroom today, where Valentino Dixon was exonerated in the death of Torriano Jackson. After 27 long years, Valentino Dixon is free at last.

This is a developing story. Stay with us for further updates.

2 thoughts on “Valentino Dixon – Free At Last!

  1. Thanks to those dedicated Attorneys!
    I know how frustrating it can be when the bureaucratic systems worked against you.
    May the rest of Mr Valentino Nixon’s life reflects the good in true justice.


  2. I sincerely hope criminal charges will be filed against the prosecutor, the arresting detective and the original defense attorney, when you file perjury charges against witnesses because they won’t change their story, then you are the problem, this is why people don’t trust the system


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