Valentino Dixon Due Back In Court

Valentino Dixon, recently exonerated in the death of Torriano Jackson, will be back in court on November 7, 2018 for “re-sentencing.” Yes, you read that right. The Department of Corrections wants Valentino to be on a supervised release for 3 years for a previous charge, unrelated to his exoneration.

Valentino, who has never shied away from his past, will be going to court to request his motion for re-sentencing be granted. According to his attorney Donald Thompson, the Department of Corrections has simply made a mistake that is easily corrected. Prior to the homicide conviction, Dixon was charged and convicted for a drug charge. It carried much less time, and with the sentence handed down on the homicide charge, it made no sense to appeal the sentence or the supervised release requirement.

Attorney Donald Thompson

“Now it does, and we’ve made a motion already to eliminate the remaining period of supervision,” states attorney Donald Thompson. He states that usually both prosecution and defense take the DOC calculations “as gospel” since the calculations used to determine sentencing and supervision time are extremely complex. When you add on the fact that Dixon has been exonerated on one charge, and served ample time on his other charges, Thompson states the calculations are even more complex, “tantamount to doing Chinese arithmetic.”

They expect the judge to hand down a ruling on the same day as the hearing, and they are confident the supervised release period will be waived. It hasn’t slowed Valentino Dixon down a bit though. He’s a man on fire, busy getting on with his life. He’s gone from strength to strength, doing everything from high-profile interviews to home and family oriented chores. He recently celebrated his birthday by creating another commissioned piece of art.

His art show at One World Trade Center has been canceled amid concerns about security versus exposure. While it was originally thought to be a great debut venue, the strict security would limit his exposure greatly. Since Valentino understands the need for such strict security, he chose instead to find a venue more easily accessible to the public. He is looking at scheduling two shows in the near future. As soon as they are confirmed, we will update you here. Likewise, we are anxiously awaiting the debut of his new online gallery, coming soon.


It seems nothing is going to slow him down or stop him from living his life to the fullest. He’s appreciating it in a way only someone who has been denied freedom for 27 years can. He’s loving every single day, even the busy, hectic stressful ones. We could all take a page out of his book when it comes to that!

One thought on “Valentino Dixon Due Back In Court

  1. I don’t see why they don’t give him time served on the drug charges? They wrongfully convict him on a murder charge. And now they want this? Come on, what a joke! I don’t know how these people can sleep at night?

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