‘They Murdered My Family’ – The Jennifer McPherson Story Part 2

'They Murdered My Family' Part 1 If you are trying to figure out how Paul went from being accused of molesting a 5 year old boy to being charged with 6 counts of rape, you are not alone. Very little is accessible in the public record regarding this, since both the accused and the alleged … Continue reading ‘They Murdered My Family’ – The Jennifer McPherson Story Part 2

Governor Greitens Goes To Ground Over Marcellus Williams.

This coming Monday will mark 5 months to the day that Governor Eric Greitens stayed the execution of Marcellus Williams. With less than 4 hours before Williams was due to be put to death by lethal injection, Greitens listened to the people of Missouri, the United States and the world round. “A sentence of death … Continue reading Governor Greitens Goes To Ground Over Marcellus Williams.

We Need More Time!

Yesterday, the Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals finally updated Daniel's docket to release the state's request for more time. MORE TIME?! For those of us that have to wait for these updates to the docket to get this information, it is a maddening game. So to see why they wanted more time was almost like … Continue reading We Need More Time!

‘They Murdered My Family’ – The *Jennifer McPherson Story (Part 1)

It was the 1980's; a time of big hair, punk rock, shoulder pads, and Swatch watches. Michael Jackson was larger than life thanks to the 'Thriller' album, and David Bowie sang 'Let's Dance.' Iconic movies introduced us to Ferris Bueller, The Goonies, and the weird workings of Wes Craven's mind in Nightmare on Elm Street. … Continue reading ‘They Murdered My Family’ – The *Jennifer McPherson Story (Part 1)

Court of Appeals Next To Act In The Case of Melissa Calusinski.

Melissa Calusinski's future  now lies in the hands of the Court of Appeals: For the time-being anyhow. Calusinski's fate, played-out over the previous nine years, has developed from her original arrest in January of 2009, followed by her subsequent conviction, nearly 3 years later. Calusinski was sentenced to 31 years for the murder of Benjamin … Continue reading Court of Appeals Next To Act In The Case of Melissa Calusinski.

Hiding Behind Time

Once again, after a long wait, there is movement in the Daniel Holtzclaw case. Technically, at any rate. The state has filed yet another motion. I'll bet you can guess what for, too. That's right, today they filed a MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO FILE RESPONSE TO APPELLANT'S MOTION TO UNSEAL PROCEEDINGS. I swear, … Continue reading Hiding Behind Time

Merry Christmas, Dr. Spencer

You remember Dr. Ray Spencer, don't you? He's the man that was a police officer with Vancouver Police Department when he was wrongfully convicted of molesting his own children back in the mid-eighties. He was exonerated after 20 years, and is a free man, with no criminal record. Clark County Washington finally put a price … Continue reading Merry Christmas, Dr. Spencer

Daniel, Michelle, and White Supremacy

WHITE SUPREMACIST: a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races A few days ago, I had the distinct misfortune of seeing sheer dumbassedness at work. Yes, I know that isn't a real word, but it's the best … Continue reading Daniel, Michelle, and White Supremacy

Letters From Nowhere

When I first started covering Daniel Holtzclaw, all I knew about him was what the media portrayed. Early media reports were horribly derogatory,  finding fault with everything from his looks to his faith. If there was a way to spin something to play against Daniel, the media did it.  What little bit the media didn't … Continue reading Letters From Nowhere

Where Are They Now?

It's been a while since I wrote about Daniel Holtzclaw and Ray Spencer. Not a lot has been happening in the public eye for either of them. There have been some things behind the scenes, not all of which I am at liberty to disclose. When they do become "public knowledge", I am sure bigger … Continue reading Where Are They Now?