We here at the CJRJ are passionate about seeing reforms in our criminal justice system. Public awareness plays a huge role in affecting the changes needed. We try to bring that public awareness in a platform that is easy to understand and share with others. Our hope is to empower everyday people like you to help your neighborhoods, cities, towns and states with the actions and ideas to assist with these much needed reforms. Sadly, change is not easy, nor is it free.

Maintaining the platform is just one of the costs associated with affecting change. For every case we present here, there are trial transcripts to review, research to be done, and facts to be checked. Unfortunately, FOIA requests are rarely free, and documents from PACER are also fee-based for access.

Your donations allow us to bring you factual information, provide you access to the documents we review, and keep it all on a platform that is streamlined and ad-free. We hope you will consider a small (or large) donation to assist us and keep this resource available for the general public. Thank you!

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