Pot, Meet Kettle

The latest twists in the 'Making a Murderer' saga come not only from Avery attorney Kathleen Zellner, but also from retired sheriff 's department officer Andrew Colborn. Two announcements on the same day from different camps have been keeping followers of the series busy. While Kathleen Zellner announced that she had filed a motion for … Continue reading Pot, Meet Kettle

Charles Wilcox And The Other Suspects…Or Lack Of?

By now you've probably got an idea of what the Charles Wilcox case is about. If not, you can read my first piece here. In breaking this case down and doing the research, we look at a lot of different sources for information. One thing we did after hearing Charles Wilcox's version of events was … Continue reading Charles Wilcox And The Other Suspects…Or Lack Of?

HELP (not) WANTED: Court Clerk; No experience or ethics needed

  Here we are, in the middling-end of August, looking again at the shenanigans in the case of Daniel Holtzclaw. By now, nothing should surprise us, and yet it still manages to. The latest is the failure of the court clerk to file Holtzclaw's Motion and Amendment when it was 'tendered for filing'” leading to … Continue reading HELP (not) WANTED: Court Clerk; No experience or ethics needed

Clinton Young’s Evidentiary Hearing Delayed Due To Witness’s Surgery

An evidentiary hearing granted to Clinton Young by The 385th District Court in Midland. TX, on April 24th of this year has been delayed. The upcoming hearing, which centres on whether testimony provided by David Page at Young's trial was false, will likely be delayed for a matter of months. News from the Clinton Young … Continue reading Clinton Young’s Evidentiary Hearing Delayed Due To Witness’s Surgery

Kim Davis, Advocate Investigator

The public is starting to look hard at the case of Daniel Holtzclaw, and with good reason. From the very first interviews right up until his sentencing, maneuvers were made to convict this police officer. That might sound trite, because after all, don't we want rapists convicted, and taken off the streets? We do, if … Continue reading Kim Davis, Advocate Investigator

Daniel Holtzclaw Speaks Out

Author's Note: I had originally decided to hold this article for various reasons. However, I do feel that any coverage that can bring awareness is a good thing, so I am releasing it a week after it was originally written. I attempted to update, but pardon any discrepancies I might have missed. Faithful followers of … Continue reading Daniel Holtzclaw Speaks Out

The Sins Of The Father

Tomorrow, on April 24, 20178, in a nondescript courtroom in Springfield Ohio, a young man will discover his fate. It isn't a high profile case, and there will likely be no press coverage. Perhaps there should be, though. Richard Burks may lose the next 4 ½ years of his life, and the question really is … Continue reading The Sins Of The Father

Make Your Voices Heard

We see a lot of folks wanting to advocate for criminal justice reform, or just for a particular person they feel has been wronged by the criminal justice system. Most people are the “dive right in” type, and don't realize that they may actually be doing more harm than good. Advocating for someone or something … Continue reading Make Your Voices Heard

Oklahoma, The Secrecy State

When dealing with the Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals, you have to be prepared to watch them like a hawk.  In checking  Daniel Holtzclaw's docket this morning, there was no change. This afternoon was a different story. Lo and behold, new entries! Exciting, right? Well. It seems that there was mysterious movement of 4 sealed … Continue reading Oklahoma, The Secrecy State

Holtzclaw Parole Hearings and the Hollywood #Metoo Movement

At the end of January, Daniel Holtzclaw had the first, of what will likely amount to many, parole hearings. He also had his first, of what will likely amount to many, denials of parole. Michelle Malkin's recent piece highlighting issues with the Parole Board is just one of the reasons Daniel Holtzclaw continues to battle … Continue reading Holtzclaw Parole Hearings and the Hollywood #Metoo Movement