James Didcock: Selected Articles & Interviews.


Executions stayed, but what next for Marcellus Williams & Clinton Young?

State’s delayed filing in Melissa Calusinski appeal granted.

“Hidden In Plain Sight” An interview with Kelly Loudenberg. Writer/Creator of the Confession Tapes.

[Opinion] Why the value in abolishing the Death-Penalty must not be purely fiscal.

Steven Avery headed to Appeals Court, and one reason Kathleen Zellner would “Love to Cross-Examine Ken Kratz.”

New evidence revealed in Avery’s Motion for Reconsideration.

Texas attempts to keep Clinton Young’s Defence in the dark.

“I’m really excited to be here!”- Welcome to The California Innocence Project.

The lost, destroyed, or even hidden case of Jermane Scott.

Door is now ajar: Marcellus Williams accepts “Allah’s Will.”

The case of Marcellus Williams: Reasonable doubt? Without a doubt.

Melissa Calusinski: The ‘game’ of accountability. 

Grace Winterwood: Selected Articles & Interviews

Presumption of Innocence? Not For Daniel Holtzclaw

Danger Comes From Feckless Detectives

Did Investigators Stack the Deck When Finding Accusers?

‘The Perfect Victim’ was not for Holtzclaw, but for Detectives

Oklahoma courts unseal documents in Daniel Holtzclaw appeal

Daniel Holtzclaw and the Damning DNA Evidence…That Wasn’t

Holtzclaw vs Media-Fueled Public Opinion

Hide And Go Seek – The Games Being Played In The Case Of Daniel Holtzclaw

‘I’d rather have been convicted of murder’ – The Ray Spencer Story (Part 1)

‘I’d Rather Have Been Convicted of Murder’ – The Ray Spencer Story (Part 2)

‘I’d rather have been convicted of murder’ – The Ray Spencer Story Part 3

Will Attorneys Be The Death of Clinton Young?

Court Ordered Fear For Rape Victim Mom

Kathleen Zellner – Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Brain Fingerprinting and Brady violations

Rallying cry: ‘We all live on Avery Road’

Kathleen Zellner accuses ex-boyfriend – Or did she?

‘Making a Murderer” Kathleen Zellner sets the record straight

Avery/Dassey supporters give a voice to the Halbach case

‘Making a Murderer’ Kathleen Zellner looks hard at former prosecutor

Secrets in the Sooner State v Daniel Holtzclaw

Stay of Execution Granted for Missouri Inmate