Jermane Scott: The Interviews—27/03/2019

March 27th, saw CJRJ's first interview regarding the case of Jermane Scott with local radio station A9Radio, in Springfield, Ohio. Jermane's case however, was no stranger to the station. 10-months-prior, Jermane himself had been a guest on the show, during which he gave candid details of his wrongful conviction. Below is his full unedited interview. … Continue reading Jermane Scott: The Interviews—27/03/2019

Jermane Scott: Jumping The Gun—Part. 4

During the search of Scott's residence on Dec. 9th, Springfield Police Department spoke with Reggie Gilbert and Anthony Eldrige. Both Gilbert and Eldrige lived at the same residence as Scott. Marla Gilbert, Reggie's mother, and Scott's—believed to be at the time—stepmother, had taken Eldrige in approximately 1-year-prior due to continuing issues, the then 14-year-old had … Continue reading Jermane Scott: Jumping The Gun—Part. 4

Jermane’s Journal | No Giving Way

Jermane’s Journal gives the reader a unique insight into a prisoner’s life. In Jermane’s case, a wrongfully convicted prisoner’s life. For past journal entries please click here   September 24th:   Endurance: the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. As I sit in this cell thinking about the years … Continue reading Jermane’s Journal | No Giving Way

The Sins Of The Father

Tomorrow, on April 24, 20178, in a nondescript courtroom in Springfield Ohio, a young man will discover his fate. It isn't a high profile case, and there will likely be no press coverage. Perhaps there should be, though. Richard Burks may lose the next 4 ½ years of his life, and the question really is … Continue reading The Sins Of The Father

Let The Sunshine In

Freedom of Information requests have gained popularity as the general public gets more and more interested in various topics in their state and country. Sunshine laws are designed, in theory, to make public access to information more streamlined, easier to access, and more uniform. Sounds great on paper. The reality is somewhat murkier. My first … Continue reading Let The Sunshine In

Jermane Scott: Jumping The Gun—Part. 2

For all documents provided via FOIA re Jermane Scott’s case please link to: Jermane Scott Case Files Jumping The Gun—Part.1 Bertram Thomas's postmortem took place shortly after 9am on the morning of December the 7th. Performing the postmortem was Dr. Robert Stewart, a forensic pathologist who often performed such duties for Clark County. It is … Continue reading Jermane Scott: Jumping The Gun—Part. 2

Life In Solitary Confinement: Hello World, Can You Hear Me?

Back in the September of 1997, a 19-year-old kid by the name of Jermane Scott was sentenced to life without parole for the aggravated murder of Bertram Thomas. I say kid—Scott was heavily involved in the street life— because in reality, he was just that. Jermane Scott’s world was a small one, with limited experiences. … Continue reading Life In Solitary Confinement: Hello World, Can You Hear Me?