Brendan Dassey Files Appeal To Supreme Court. Laura Nirider & Steven Drizin To Be Aided By Seth Waxman.

The wait is over.

“Today, Brendan Dassey’s legal team filed a petition for a writ of certiorari before
the United States Supreme Court, asking the high Court to agree to hear Brendan’s appeal. If the Court accepts the case, it will mark the first time the Court has agreed to hear a juvenile confession case of this type in nearly forty years”


Dassey’s Defence Counsel[s], Laura Nirider, aided by Steven Drizin filed today, February. 20, in the much anticipated appeal to the Supreme Court in relation to Brendan Dassey’s conviction for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach.


In a case that has seen such lows, followed by promised redemption. Most recently, lows have returned. Dassey’s case, predominantly since the release of the Docu-Series, Making a Murderer, has garnered an unprecedented following.

Beyond Dassey’s own fate, members of the the broadest community have been keen to look at the bigger picture too. Dassey’s age, and indeed cognitive abilities have been scrutinised in regard to how law-enforcement interrogate juveniles, and those of a diminished intellect.


The addition of Seth Waxman, to Dassey’s counsel, likely adds experience of ‘high-profile’ cases that Waxman is known for. Dassey’s case, being such of national, and indeed world-wide attention, lends its hand to such an addition. Getting to the Supreme Court might be considered the fiercer fought of battles than that of having a ruling reneged, if indeed it does get that far.

Seth Waxman: Former United States Solicitor General.

Good news should be savoured. Time-frames for when SCOTUS will respond to Dassey’s filing are not to be predicted.

In the meantime, keep advocating to try and ensure we don’t return here again.


—Update to follow—

One thought on “Brendan Dassey Files Appeal To Supreme Court. Laura Nirider & Steven Drizin To Be Aided By Seth Waxman.

  1. This is good news! Let’s keep the pressure on!! Anyone who can see, hear, or read and ar familiar with this case know that Dassey’s rights were compromised over and over again by law enforcement and an over zealous prosecutor. The people who infringed on this young man with learning disabilities rights made alot of profit from doing so. The proof that this “confession” wasn’t a confession at all is plain and clear.


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